Productions – Over 100 Years of Experience

While we always aim to surprise and delight guests, there are no surprises when you work with us! Our acts are professionally programmed for high-quality G-rated entertainment for the 21st century. We are dependable, drawing on over 100 years of experience.

Delightful Circus Acts

Every performance includes theatrics that satisfy patrons and generate positive reviews. Our shows feature traditional circus acts as well as modern crowd-pleasers:

  • America’s Foremost Ringmaster
  • Gravity-Defying Trapeze Artists
  • Daredevil Stuntmen
  • Whimsical Clowns

We Design the Production with You

We work with you, the sponsor, to create the perfect performance for your venue and audience. Our considerations include theatrical lighting, arena carpeting, circus decorations and sound engineering. During circus week, a manager is present on-site at all times to ensure seamless communication between sponsors and circus. For your peace of mind, we carry millions of dollars in general liability, worker’s compensation insurance and performer’s accident insurance.

Book Our Circus Today

From tight-rope walkers to pony rides, there’s something for everyone at Hamid Circus. We provide a memorable circus experience for all guests. To learn more about booking our show, send us a message or call 609-646-3340.

Circus Performers

Circus Tigers

Circus Performances | Hamid Circus


From performing in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show to serving as a cornerstone of the American circus industry, the Hamid family has always been involved in circus.



This was a great show and a wonderful group of circus people."

~ Charlie Simpson, Circus Report