It’s not a circus if nobody comes. That’s why we offer support to promote, advertise and market the circus production before we arrive in town.

Television Commercials

Produced by leading advertising companies, these T.V. ready commercials eliminate the need the need for you to create your own. The commercials are adaptable, your scripts and graphics can be added.

Publicity Photos and Press Releases

We supply you with high-quality images and professional press releases to showcase acts and generate interest in shows.

Market Research Surveys

If asked, we will conduct market research surveys which provide valuable information to base decisions on. The survey would be conducted, compiled and analyzed for you to better understand your circus market.

Advertising Management

We can help you create your advertising plan. From your advertising budget to size, quantity and placement, we can assit you through your final re-cap.

Promotional Events

These are designed to attract media attention and reach potential customers.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We can write and supervise a direct mail campaign reminding past patrons of the circus appearance and attracting first-time show-goers.

Pre-Show Visits

This helps us coordinate and supervise all aspects of your public awareness efforts.

Book Hamid Circus

To learn more about our public awareness campaigns or to book a production, contact us through the web form or call 609-289-2160.

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From performing in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show to serving as a cornerstone of the American circus industry, the Hamid family has always been involved in circus.



This was a great show and a wonderful group of circus people."

~ Charlie Simpson, Circus Report